Thinkin back on the place where I grew up
it had a lot less pain
it had a lot less hate
it had a lot more love
but that’s not the way it was for everyone
and I see that now
and I think somehow
we should find a better way
in America

We’ve been waitin on a sunset that never came
our screens are feeding us lies
the lies are feeding divides
our minds are goin insane
we’re all just tryin to believe
in something meaningful
but as it stands right now I’d say we failed the test

What have become America?

I don’t know where we are
but I know right where we’ve been
were out here searching for truth
we’re out here searching for sanity again
and I know
and I know that it’s still worth fighting for
and the winds of change are bound to blow again

Love is what we need America

What have we done?

Where are we now?
Where do we go from here?
oh America...

What have we become America?